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We are not open every day. The best way to check our time is to review our calendar. Our hours vary from summer to winter. We are always open to the public on Wednesday evenings, Friday evenings, Saturdays from noon until 10pm, and Sundays from 1 – 5, barring no holidays or special events. Summer hours offer day time skating as well.
For non-skating adults or chaperones, or if you are bringing in infants or children with you to watch someone in your group skate, there is no charge. If you are under the age of 18 and wish to come into our facility and not skate, there is a minimum admission fee of $2.00.

* If you are a guest to a birthday party and are not skating, there is no admission fee to come in to our facility.

Our facility is 26,000 square feet offering not only the nicest wood floor in the area but also a great Snack Bar, a large seating area with tables available for guests and parties, an Arcade, and 3 private rooms available for rent, 2 Glow Rooms, and 1 Semi-Private Rink-side room.
We are proud of our 87′ x 168′ hardwood Maple floor. One of the largest floors in the area! Our wood floor is a well maintained, Wooden Rotunda floor. (curved boards) Most experienced skaters feel that a wood floor is the most desirable skating surface.
Children age 6 or under have a reduced price of $5.00 which includes admission and skates. Ages 7 and up pay regular admission and skate rental. Groups larger than 15 receive a discounted price of $7.00 each which includes both their admission and their choice of skates.
We do not have an age minimum to skate. Many children can start learning to skate between the ages of 2 – 4. This depends on the interest and physical development of the child. Our quad skates start at size 7. We are able to tighten the wheels on our Quad skates until your child has their skating legs. The wheels won’t move as fast so they can walk/skate if needed.

We DO NOT allow strollers on the rink floor for safety reasons. A parent or guardian may walk on the outer edge of the rink floor with the child. {The DJ has the right to refuse this privilege depending on the business or the amount or skaters on the floor} We have available to rent “Skate Mates” which are little helpers that the child may push around to help steady them. This is a great way for children to experience skating even if they are still a little tippy. Children may never be carried by anyone who has skates on!

We offer both Quads and Inline skates. In Quad skates we offer children sizes 7 – 13. Adult sizes: men and women’s size 1 – 15. Inline skates run from a toddlers size 10 to an adult size 13. Socks must be worn with rental skates. If you forget socks, we also sell them.
You are allowed to bring in your own traditional, Quad skates or Inline skates providing they are in good condition. No “Heely” shoes are allowed on the rink floor. Before personal skates can be used on our floor they need to be free of all dirt, mud, or black top and no exposed nuts, bolts, or worn-out parts are allowed. Please be prepared for your skates to be inspected and be ready to rent skates if your skates don’t meet our criteria. Please be aware that if your skates have the hard, plastic outdoor wheels they may be quite slippery on our rink floor.
Skate Plaza does not have a specific age minimum to be left without adult supervision, but Skate Plaza is not a day care facility. Each child matures at different stages so it is a decision made by parents. If a child is left unattended there should be contact information with them and they need to be picked up prior to the closing of the session. Children misbehaving may receive a warning before they are asked to leave the facility. Skate Plaza is not responsible for the care or safety of children left unattended.
WE DO NOT serve alcohol. Our facility is designated as a safe environment for children and families so we not only do not sell alcohol but no form of alcohol may be brought into the building. If we deem that someone is under the influence of alcohol they will be asked to leave the facility.

WE DO NOT allow any smoking in our facility. E Cigs are also not allowed. Persons needing to smoke who are skating may remove their skates and step outside to smoke as long as they are 10 ft. away from the entrance.

As with most all entertainment facilities, we do not allow any outside drink or food. We have a very well maintained Snack Bar offering some of the best, freshly baked pizza, along with several other drinks and food choices. Check our Snack Bar menu. If you come to the door with food or drink you will be asked to finish your drinks, or return items back to your car before entering.

The only exception is for reserved Birthday Parties who are allowed to bring in Birthday cake.

Yes, we do offer free Wi Fi. Just ask one of the crew members for the password.
Yes! Many people use Skate Plaza for parties such as family reunions, school or sports parties, business parties and more. See our “Parties” Page for details.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, indoor skating is twice as safe as a local playground and three times more safe than a game of basketball or football. However, as with any sports, accidents may happen. We do not require a waiver or any protective equipment to skate but skaters are welcome to bring in their own protective equipment. Skaters must understand that all skaters are skating at their own risk and Skate Plaza is not responsible for any accidents.
If you have any birthday party questions please refer to our “Parties Page”